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Category: Angry Birds

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Are you a fan of angry birds games?

play your favorite angry bird games online in your browser / mobile phone for free. have adventures, solve puzzles, defend the birds against nasty pigs and help them to win. you will play as a part of angry bird universe with these cool online games.

This is the end of evil birds. Disobedient Pigs come to get them. And no one can stop them. How many birds can you catch? This is your task. Come on and kill the birds of anger!
These are bad pigs who want to steal the golden eggs of birds. Click on the mouse to place the bird bombs and press the space bar to fly the evil pigs!
This time Angry Birds will fight the pigs on their bike. Earn points by collecting golden eggs and killing green pigs. Move as fast as possible and reach the end of each level to e [...]
It's time to test your shooting skills! Aim and shoot the birds, avoiding the slider. Shoot more birds to score more points. Be careful with the number of frames remaining. Direct [...]
Help the animals to fight with strangers. Destroy buildings and take 3 stars for a good job: Playing angry animals for players who love the game "Crush the Castle"
Bad Piggies had a secret mission in which rare golden eggs were returned in the background. The eggs come from angry birds. You need help Bad Piggies bulid a safe landing point, ma [...]
Bad Piggies HD 2 Game Levels (16-30 levels) go to Bad Piggies HD Play. All new levels have another great online game. With balloons and many new gadgets you can help pigs build eve [...]
The third version of the online version of bad pigs. Help the bad pigs to collect the pieces of the map by building devices with different parts. Have fun!
The bad pig has now become a gunner, learned to shoot and decided to kill all the angry birds. Come, help him finish his revenge. Use the mouse to play.
Special levels are waiting to be done on this new game of angry birds. You have almost fifty beautiful levels in which you must destroy all the pigs. This is a special edition with [...]